Poems for Home

A competition for original poetry on the theme of Home

Guest Judges: Michael Harrison and John Hegley

Entry fee: £4 per poem.
Deadline Sunday 20 January 2019
100% of your entry fee will go directly to Shelter.

There is no place like home. From Robert Browning’s ‘Home Thoughts, from Abroad’ to Eartha Kitt, the theme of home has inspired countless musicians, poets and writers through the ages. What or where is home for you? Does it have a cat, a dog, running water? Is it an ‘old fashioned house and with an old fashioned fence and an old fashioned millionaire’? What about those searching for place to feel at home? You can interpret this theme as widely as you would like, as long as it is good enough to write home about…
100% of your entry fee will go directly to Shelter. Across Scotland and England 6 million households are denied the right to a safe home, or threatened with losing it. 4,750 people sleep on the streets every night. Shelter provide crucial support, advice and legal services to ameliorate this appalling situation.


Michael Harrison was born and educated in Oxford and later went to Durham University, where he gained a BA in Philosophy. He has published 50 books: poetry and fiction for children, the text for several artists books, and a lot of poetry anthologies, including co-editing The Oxford Book of Children’s Poetry (Oxford University Press, 2007).

John Hegley is a UK household name as performance poet, comedian, musician and songwriter.

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